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Water Features

Water features make a great addition to any backyard poolscape.  The sounds of nature and flowing water enhance the already tranquil atmosphere and add a touch of elegance and fun to the pool.   Premier Pools offers all of the popular water features on the market today and will also provide design and installation of custom projects.  While most of these features are ideally installed during the construction of your inground pool, many of them can be installed on existing pools or added during a remodel phase.  Please ask your sales representative for more information on the products listed below.

Deck Jets

Deck Jets create shimmering arcs of water and can be placed anywhere around the pool landscape, in the concrete, or mounted directly in the wall of the pool.  The deck jet is one of the more affordable features showcased here and several can be added to your pool project budget without breaking the bank.



Deck Jet I and II

  • Manuals

  • Brochures

  • CDs, DVDs and Videos

  • Replacement Parts

Deck Jet water effects can be cast into concrete decks and gunite pool walls, mounted in the sidewall of aboveground and vinyl-lined pools, or blended into surrounding landscapes.

MagicStream® Deck Jet II create a graceful arc of water that enters the pool with a gentle splash. The stream seems to appear magically from the pool deck since the jet installs flush and out of sight.


  • Deck Jet

  • Deck Jet includes five interchangeable water effect eyeballs that are easy to remove and simple to change. Also includes construction shield.

  • Streams reach to eight feet, and direction can be easily adjusted

  • Low water pressure requirement for minimum impact on pump performance

  • Deck Jet II

  • Height is adjustable to a maximum of six feet. Water direction is adjustable up to 360 degrees

  • Easy-to-adjust nozzles enable your creativity: concentrate all streams into a single entry point, overlap streams of different heights, or create a symmetrical, multi-stream archway...and more

  • Quality design assures low water flow requirements and eliminates any concerns about standing water or unwanted debris collection

  • Attractive installation with no unsightly or unsafe edges or screws



Waterfall inserts are available in many different lengths to create a centerpiece for your pool.  These inserts are best used in a raised wall or pillar and are available in several different styles along with options for lighting and effects.  Please ask your Premier Pools sales representative for ideas that will compliment the look and feel of your inground pool.


Water Effects




Perhaps no other feature contributes more to the beauty and tranquility of your poolscape than the sight and sound of falling water. Water effects can help transform your pool into a romantic oasis, a playful family water park, or a breathtaking focal point. No wonder they are one of the most popular accessories in today's most elegant backyard retreats. The many options available allow you to integrate these mesmerizing water effects in either dramatic or subtle ways that transform any pool environment from great to spectacular.


  • Choose from sheet, curtain and rainfall or arc sheet and rainfall effects

  • Individual water effects are available in widths from 8 inches to 8 feet

  • Available in six finishes brass, bronze, copper, gray, silver, or white

  • Waterfalls can be straight, curved, or customized

  • Vary flow to any water effect with an energy-efficient IntelliFlo® VF, IntelliFlo® or IntelliPro® variable speed pumps to alter the height and distance of the water effect.

  • Different lip lengths add to the design freedom available to you.



Factory Radius Cut: 12 & 14 Series (P/N 5890001)

Custom Curve Shape: 14 Series (P/N 5890002)


11 Series Lip = 1" lip, for all straight waterfalls

12 Series Lip = 6" lip, for Radius Curved Waterfalls

14 Series Lip = 13" lip, for super radius curved waterfalls and custom curved shapes



CMP Brilliant Wonders LED Waterfall

(Images below are stock LED lit waterfalls and do not represent CMP Brilliant Wonders



  • Variety of LED light color shows

  • Automatic Timer Shut-Off with Adjustable Brightness

  • 6" Lip - Lip Cannot Be Cut

  • Includes: One Waterfall Unit, One Rock Trap, 100' of 12V Cord

  • Note: CMP Remote, Controller, and Power Supply Must Be Purchased To Operate

Patent Pending Technology

Brilliant Wonders looks amazing day and night, and can sync up to 20 total feet of waterfalls

The Only Waterfall with the LED strip built into the unit

Building the LED right into the unit eliminates the need for a separate light source, as is common in older fiber optic waterfalls. The CMP exclusive “sawtooth” lip design churns the water like river rapids, helping the LED accent colors appear more clearly.

Simple to Install and Service

Each waterfall has a side door to access the LED strip and wiring for easy servicing. This door is completely accessible even after the waterfall is installed. Other LED accent lights may require niche removal or other more difficult methods of access. Additionally all 100 watt Brilliant Wonders waterfalls are ETL certified. Certification includes the waterfall, controller, remote, power supply and cords.


Colorwheel Remote

  • Touch-sensitive Wheel with Color Indicator LED for Easy Color Selection

  • Program and Save your Favorite Light Shows

  • Use Anywhere in the Pool with up to 90ft Max Range

  • Easy to Recharge with USB, Just like Charging a Phone





Click on the link below to watch the Brilliant Wonders waterfall in action



LED laminars are the ultimate in water feature and lighting marriages.  Create a backyard resort experience using state of the art hydraulic and lighting technology.


Pentair Magicstream Laminars



MagicStream® Laminars create totally clear, uniform arcs of moving water that originate from either your pool deck or surrounding landscape. At night, these translucent streams are brilliantly colored with an LED light source. The result is a water effect that adds an elegant bit of entertainment to your poolscape.


  • Laminar water streams can reach up to 7 feet high and project outward up to 8 feet into your pool, spa, or other water feature.

  • Choose energy efficient LED lighting for a nearly endless array of color choices. Nighttime lighting effects include the ability to hold on a steady color or scroll through a range of available colors.

  • Installation is made flush to your deck or other surface; no unsightly or unsafe edges, just the magic of water erupting from a hidden source.

  • Water streams are easily adjusted in two ways - vertically from 62 degrees to 75 degrees to create different heights and arc shapes. Left and right direction can be adjusted up to 60 degrees total.

  • Laminar deck lids are available in tan, black, and gray to match or complement pool deck or other installation surface.

  • LED Laminars include 100' of electrical cable; simply connect to a 120/12VAC-100 Watt pool lighting transformer to provide power.

  • The technical principle behind MagicStream Laminars is to remove all turbulence and air bubbles from the water before projecting it through a finely-machined nozzle. The laminar water flow is very non-turbulent, so it keeps its surface tension and flows through the air in a smooth, clean, unbroken stream, instead of spraying apart into droplets.

  • Magic Stream Laminars ship fully assembled and ready to install


Click on the link below to see Pentair MagicStream Laminars in action!


Modular Water Features by Interfab


Interfab offers a wide variety of swimming pool waterfalls to help you create your personal oasis right in your own backyard.  The Boulder Springs collection emulates the look of natural rock outcroppings, while the Edgestone Series simulates the look of hand-laid stacked stone.  Each collection is comprised of several coordinated products.


Boulder Springs Collection

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Edgestone Series

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Bubblers and Fountains


Bubblers and fountains are spectacular water features that are installed in the pool structure and are the perfect way to showcase pool features like sun shelves, stairways, and benches. With LED lighted bubblers and fountains now available for vinyl lined pools, you can create an amazing water show that comes to life with a touch of a button.  Please ask your Premier Pools sales representative about adding these great features to your custom designed inground pool.


CMP Brilliant Wonders LED Bubblers


Imagine a backyard filled with soothing sound and brilliant color. Brilliant Wonders LED Bubblers shoot streams up to thirty inches high in vivid LED colors. The cascading flume creates a natural sound and relaxing ambiance.   NINE COLORS Brilliant White, Amazing Aqua, Ocean Blue, Electric Blue, Light Green, Jade Green, Sunset Yellow, Pretty in Pink, Purple Passion FIVE LIGHT SHOWS Slow-Fade, Medium-Cycle, Patriotic, Mardi Gras, Disco




NEW from CMP: now the popular Brilliant Wonders Bubbler can be used to create exciting LED fountain effects. Choose from three water fountain features that can be adjusted for a perfect pool on nearly any pool or water display.

Three styles: Water Column, Three-Tier Fountain, Water Ball


Click on link below to watch the CMP Brilliant Wonders bubblers in action


Click on link below to watch the CMP brilliant wonders LED fountains in action

Paramount Parascope



Paramount offers telescopic water fountains that added a non lighted water feature to your vinyl lined inground pool at a price that won’t break the bank.  These water features rise out of the water at the push of a button when connected to your automation system.  Premier Pools offers these options on every new inground pool we design.  Please see the manufacturer's description below.   


The Parascope®, telescoping water feature and the New Parascope® Mini Bubbler(Available separately) are beautiful additions to any pool or spa. These elegant water features elevate the aesthetic look of your pool and give you the calming sounds of a gentle waterfall. Once it’s time to swim, Parascope® descends flush with your pool or spa floor, steps, benches, or sun decks making them virtually undetectable. With the added flexibility of the Parascope® and the New Parascope® Mini Bubbler you are able to enjoy its relaxing sights and sounds whenever you desire. Parascope® is an affordable way to enhance your pool or spa experience.

Click on Link below to see the Paramount Parascope in action!


Parascope Features

  • Variable height adjustment.  Works in water depths up to 36"

  • Water feature retracts flush with the pool or spa floor

  • Three (3) fountain styles included with every Parascope:

  • Flower, Bubbler, Umbrella

  Parascope Mini Bubbler

  • Perfect for steps, benches and sun decks in water depths up to 18"

Fountain caps available in six colors to compliment any pool or spa finish

Parascope Includes 3 Fountain Styles



  Parascope Mini Bubbler






When activated, Parascope emerges from the pool floor and rises to the proper height. Gray and white risers are included.

When off, Parascope retracts back into the pool floor, becoming virtually invisible.




Water Slides


Swimming Pool slides are the ultimate fun for little kids and BIG kids when integrated into your custom designed inground pool.  With many popular options available in todays market, you are sure to find a slide that will bring excitement and entertainment to the whole family.  Please ask your Premier Pools sales representative about product price and availability.




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SR Smith


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Rico Rock

 New for 2015!

 Premier Pools will now be offering modular waterfalls created from pre-cast stones molded from natural rock formations.  RicoRock products are made of fibre reinforced concrete.  These types of stones are less than 1 inch thick but have a massive amount of strength.  

 Rico Rock is the industry leader for artificial rock waterfalls.  Their modular units have the look and feel of real stone and will last the lifetime of the pool, even in this climate!  

Please ask you Premier Pools sales representative for more information on the options available for your new inground pool installation.  Click on the link below to see Rico Rock Waterfalls spectacular showcase!

Caleb’s Spring 1 Piece Rock Waterfall


Florida Three-Step Waterfall


28 Inch Waterfall


Texas Two-Step Waterfall

Tennessee Ledger Waterfall

4 Piece Ledger Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit

Lift Kit for 4 Piece Ledger Waterfall Kit

3 Foot Modular Swimming Pool Waterfall

4 Foot Double Swimming Pool Waterfall Kit


Grottos and Caves


Loveseat Grotto


5 Foot Triple


Small Grotto Caves