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Automatic Pool Covers


An automatic pool cover is hands down the best option to protect young children from the hazards of open water, but also offers you so much more.  Pools equipped with an automatic pool cover are clearer, warmer, and simply more efficient than one without. In fact, the initial cost of the cover will eventually be recouped by energy savings and chemical retention.  Since 70 percent of your heat loss occurs at the surface of the water, it is difficult to keep a pool warm in Wisconsin without spending hundreds on utility costs.  Pools without covers have been compared to homes without roofs.  Solar blankets are the most common type of cover, but are a lot of work and only last a couple years before needing replacement.  

 So why get an automatic pool cover?  Well, Premier Pools of Southeastern Wisconsin has been installing pool covers for the past ten years and we have yet to have a single customer tell us that they regretted it.  Lets take a look at the benefits below.


Why purchase and automatic pool cover from Premier Pools

 - Peace of mind. Children are naturally drawn to water.  You can effectively “isolate” your pool water and remove much of the temptation.  According to the CDC, drowning is the leading cause of death in children under four and the second leading cause of death in children under 14(2013 CDC released study results)

-  An ASTM Certified automatic pool cover is very strong and in an emergency, can be walked on.  The surface makes an impenetrable barrier that will prevent a child from drowning if they are to run, walk, or crawl onto the cover.(Please note this is only if an automatic pool cover pump is kept on the surface at all times to remove rain water)


- Your pool will be warmer and your season can be extended by an average of two months without hundreds of additional utility costs.  An automatic pool cover creates a vapor barrier that effectively prevents 70 - 90 percent of pool water evaporation.  This is where almost all of the heat loss occurs.  Uncovered, you will effectively and efficiently heat the sky!  Even the most efficient pool heater on the market can not overcome these costs.



- Your pool will be cleaner.  Today’s fast paced lifestyle leaves little time at the end of the day for your own relaxation.  Your pool should be an escape from your busy life and a place to relax and decompress.  Your pool cover will help to minimize dirt, leaves, and other debris so your time can be spent enjoying your pool and not cleaning it!

Leaves in Pool.jpg

As previously mentioned, a pool cover will help to retain heat in the water by reducing the amount of evaporation that occurs on a daily basis.  As your loose the water, you lose the heat.  Below is a chart that shows the operating costs involved to maintain a certain water temperature using a gas heater with an efficiency of 80 percent.  As you will see, the cover drastically reduces the annual operating costs to keep the pool at a desirable temperature.  (view Chicago or Minneapolis)

Wow!  As you can see a cover drastically reduces the cost of maintaining your pool at a set temperature for our swimming season in the mid-west.


A pool cover will also save you money on chemicals.  


An automatic pool cover can be installed on almost any shape pool.  A rectangle pool is the ideal shape for an automatic cover, but Premier Pools, your Milwaukee automatic pool cover specialists can install a cover system on your custom designed pool as well.  Have an existing pool?  No problem!  We can install covers on those too.  


We have used several different cover systems in the past, and we are excited to say that the Cover Pools by Zodiac is our standard in cover installation.  Premier Pools is currently the only builder in Waukesha county using these systems and we feel they are superior to any other automatic pool cover on the market.  Listed below are the advantages of owning a Automatic pool cover from Cover Pools.


 (All information below is courtesy of Aquamatic Cover Systems.  Premier Pools in not affiliated with Aquamatic Cover Systems)


1. Safety


There are no electrics near the pool for greater safety.  All electric power and switches are remote at the equipment pad.


2.  Waterproof


The Hydramatic drive is a closed loop system, and although a drain is required in the cover recess, inadvertent flooding does not mean expensive electric motor replacement.  


3.  Power


Hydraulic drives are compact yet powerful, and can be easily controlled to provide only as much as is needed to operate the cover.  Hydraulics are durable, and the most popular drives unit for wet and hostile environments and are the preferred choice of builders, designers, and architects.  


4.  Durability


Hydraulics are widely used in heavy equipment for their durability and reliability.  The unique patented Dual-Motor Hydramatic system eliminates mechanical linkage and clutches to start and then change direction of the cover.  It has the least number of parts of any automatic pool cover system, yet has a full range of safety and convenience features.  Originally designed for commercial and other high end use applications exclusive to Aquamatic.


5.  Convenience


The Hydramatic cover system has a patented built in rain water removal feature on most applications.  When rain water collects on the surface, simply turn the key to open the cover and the water will be forced through the screens and into the pool.  The screen mesh will collect the leaves and most debris.  A computerized cover pump is also provided with all cover systems exclusive to Aquamatic.

6.  Cover travel limits


The cover is gently and reliably stopped at each end of travel by our patented pressure relief valves, eliminating the need of electronic sensors or other electrical devices near the pool.


7.  Rated


The Hydramatic cover is UL tested and certified to exceed ASTM F13456-91 standards for pool safety.


8.  Warranty


The most important part of the pool is the mechanism.  Designed to last the lifetime of your pool, the Hydramatic is maintenance free, and the most reliable cover on the market with the most extensive warranty in the industry today.  The cover system comes with a 20 year mechanism warranty, a limited 7 year warranty on the covers and a limited ten year warranty on the polymer panels.  


(Above content courtesy of Aquamatic Cover Systems


As you can see, the Hydramatic system is unlike any other on the market today. Boasting so many advantages over the competition, it still remains in the same price range of other cover systems sold by our friendly competitors.  Click on the link below to view the Hydramatic Pool Cover in action.

Cover system styles


Top track



Top track cover systems use a contoured track that raises slightly above the pool deck to create a travel path for the leading edge bar of the cover.  Top track systems with a recessed lid (shown above) are the most adaptable and economical design for free form pools.  

Flush track

Flush track systems are identical to a top track system except the track is flat and is flush with the deck.  

Undertrack systems


Undertrack systems are ideal for rectangle pools and can be customized in several different ways to fit your design.  The advantage to an undertrack system is that you do not have any aluminum track exposed on the pool decking.  This is the most common method used today because of the versatility offered with lid and coping systems.  We will showcase some of those options below.



Top track with deck mounted cover bench


These systems are ideal for homeowners with existing pools that want to upgrade to the benefits of an automatic pool cover.  The mechanism is mounted to the existing deck and a bench is built over the top.  The bench can be customized to create a lounging area and can be covered with wood, composite, or extruded aluminum decking.  These systems can be adapted to many different sizes and shapes.

Lid systems


Aquamatic offers the most options for lid systems in the pool cover industry.  The most popular lid system trending today are concrete or stone walk on lids, but aquamatic also offers aluminum and composite lid systems that are more affordable and still very attractive.


Masonry lid systems


The masonry lid system uses stainless steel trays and brackets, or stainless steel brackets and retaining clips to provide you with the hardware for your specialized hidden lid detail.  These trays are specifically designed to carry or support masonry material including non-standard or undulating thickness like flagstone, brick, or pavers.





Composite, wood, and aluminum lids


Composite and aluminum lids are more affordable than a masonry lid system and cost less to maintain.  With Aquamatic’s composite lid system, you don’t have to sacrifice aesthetics to stay within budget.  Available in 6 different colors, there is a composite lid that will blend with almost any decking option you can imagine.  Aluminum and wood framework lids are available, but have become increasingly unpopular because of the sharp corners exposed and the generic look.  Wood is an option that is typically used on specialized projects.  


Grey composite lid

Flush aluminum lid


Flush wood lid

Charcoal grey composite lid


Click on the link below to redirect to manufacturers sight to view more lid systems and undertrack pool images


The Lift Lid

Another Aquamatic exclusive upgrade


The lift lid is a uniquely engineered lid system ideal for any pool application and provides a stable, zero deflection walking surface that incorporates into your pool coping or decking surround.  This is an upgrade to the standard tray/masonry lid system.  The lift lid is unique in that it hides the lowered bond beam and leading edge of the cover.  The lift lid is hydraulically actuated, and with a turn of a key the cover will open or close seamlessly.  When the cover reaches its maximum endpoints, the lid will slowly drop to its fixed position, once again, providing a solid and safe walking surface.


Click on the link below to see the lift lid in action.


Click on the link below to view the lift lid gallery


Aquamatic EZ Covers


With an Aquamatic EZ Cover you can have all the safety and cost savings of an automatic pool cover at a cost effective price.  The EZ cover looks and moves like an automatic cover but without the hydraulic mechanism at a price point that won’t break the bank. The EZ cover is THE ONLY manual safety cover that can be opened and closed by one person in one comfortable standing position.  No ropes to pull, drills to engage or cranks to manhandle.  It cover and uncovers most pools in about 70 seconds.  


The EZ cover can easily be converted to the Hydramatic system at anytime.  Premier Pools roughs in the hydraulic line chase during the installation of a new pool to make conversion a snap.  Click on the link below to learn more about the exclusive Aquamatic EZ Cover system.


View images  and video of EZ Cover systems here


Pool cover fabric options



  • Navy Blue #1

  • Royal Blue #2

  • Light Blue #3

  • Turquoise #4

  • Green #6

  • Tan #7

  • Brown #8

  • Black #9

  • Charcoal Gray #10

  • Gray #11

  • Sage Green #12


  • Washed Navy #13

  • Brushwood #15

  • Slate Gray #17

  • Buff #18

  • Russett Brown #19

  • Dusty Blue #20

  • Hunter Green #21

Lid colors








Design Center


Click on the link below to design your pool cover system


For all other information on the Aquamatic Pool Cover company and systems, click on the link below.