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Automatic Pool Covers

An automatic pool cover is hands down the best option to protect young children from the hazards of open water but also offers you so much more. Pools equipped with an automatic pool cover are clearer, warmer, and simply more efficient than one without. In fact, the initial cost of the cover will eventually be recouped by energy savings and chemical retention. Since 70 percent of your heat loss occurs at the surface of the water, it is difficult to keep a pool warm in Wisconsin without spending hundreds on utility costs. Pools without covers have been compared to homes without roofs. Solar blankets are the most common type of cover, but are a lot of work and only last a couple of years before needing replacement.

So why get an automatic pool cover? Well, Premier Pools of Southeastern Wisconsin has been installing pool covers for the past ten years and we have yet to have a single customer tell us that they regretted it. Let us take a look at the benefits below.

Why Purchase and Automatic Pool Cover From Premier Pools?

little girl reaching out to grab a ball inside pool

Peace of Mind

Children are naturally drawn to water. You can effectively “isolate” your pool water and remove much of the temptation. According to the CDC, drowning is the leading cause of death in children under four and the second leading cause of death in children under 14(2013 CDC released study results).

little girl grabbing ball in the middle of pool

Perfect in an Event of an Emergency

An ASTM Certified automatic pool cover is very strong and in an emergency, can be walked on. The surface makes an impenetrable barrier that will prevent a child from drowning if they are to run, walk, or crawl onto the cover. (Please note this is only if an automatic pool cover pump is kept on the surface at all times to remove rainwater).

mini jet

Protect Your Investment

Swimming pools represent a significant investment for any homeowner and the cost is ongoing. Investing in a quality pool cover ensures your pool remains in good shape with minimal maintenance; free of contaminants and debris - especially throughout the off-season.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Conserve Water

Regardless of the season, swimming pools constantly lose water through evaporation. This is noticeably more during the summer. Pool Covers reduce the level of water loss and slow the evaporation process. This is also good for the environment and will save you time and effort.

Pool Chemicals

Use Less Chemicals

Chemicals are necessary to protect your pool and family from harmful substances like algae. The more contaminants and debris accumulate in your pool, the harder your equipment has to work. This can significantly impact the life of your pool equipment. In addition, A common problem for a pool without a cover is chlorine evaporation - particularly in the summer months. The UV rays from the sun break chlorine down through a process called oxidation. Consequently, without a pool cover, you have to constantly top your chlorine up so that the protection from the chlorine is maintained.

Find Out Why Cover-Pools Is Right for You

Premier pools is an authorized dealer of Cover-Pools by Zodiac. We have used several different cover systems in the past, and we are excited to say that the Cover Pools by Zodiac is our standard in cover installation. Premier Pools is currently the only builder in Waukesha county using these systems and we feel they are superior to any other automatic pool cover on the market. Listed below are the advantages of owning an Automatic pool cover from Cover-Pools.

zodia logos

Additional Safety and Peace of Mind

It is impossible to keep a watchful eye on your pool 24/7. The Cover-Pool pool cover completely seals and prevents unplanned access to your pool.

Water Conservation

The Cover-Pools pool cover prevents up to 94% of water loss due to evaporation. This equates to around 24,000 gallons of water saved per year. Cover-pools pool covers also eliminate the need for expensive dehumidification systems by preventing evaporation in indoor pools as well.

Protect Your Investment

A Cover-Pools pool cover can dramatically reduce the operating costs of your pool by as much as 70%. Your water will stay cleaner longer by providing an effective barrier against dirt and debris, leading to fewer issues with your equipment and lower maintenance costs.

Value & Convenience

The Cover-Pools pool cover is a 3-in-1 pool cover. It acts as a safety cover, a solar cover, and a winter cover, all in one. It’s the ultimate solution for protection and convenience. Cover-pools is ideal for rectangular, free-form pools, swim spas, and vanishing-edge designs. The Cover-Pools pool cover is custom fabricated to fit virtually any pool shape.

Quad-Core™ Laminated Fabric

Quad-Core laminated fabric for pool and spa covers is reinforced with a strong polyester mesh for strength and tear resistance, this high-performance vinyl-resin formula provides maximum durability in the swimming pool environment.

Please see actual fabric samples when making a color choice; colors may vary.

Forest Green
Light Blue
Royal Blue
Dusky Blue
Slate Gray

Custom Fabric Colors

Our premium Quad-Core laminated fabric is available in many special-order custom colors to match your pool decor. If you do not see your favorite color, contact your dealer for additional color options. Please see the actual fabric sample when making a color choice. Colors may vary. Quad-Core fabric is also available in eleven standard colors.

Note: Custom fabric colors include an additional charge and longer lead time than standard fabric colors.

503 royal blue
503 Royal Blue
506 slate gray
506 Slate Gray
508 black
508 Black
510 dark green
510 Dark Green
515 buff
515 Buff
516 brown
516 Brown
518 dusky blue
518 Dusky Blue
522 beige
522 Beige
524 eggshell
524 Eggshell
525 english brown
525 English Brown
527 burgundy
527 Burgundy
528 pewter
528 Pewter
529 bright red
529 Bright Red
536 cobalt blue
536 Cobalt Blue
513 Clear
513 Clear
537 champagne
537 Champagne
538 parchment
538 Parchment
539 bay blue
539 Bay Blue
541 designer white
541 Designer White
543 spruce
543 Spruce
545 ruby
545 Ruby
562 emerald
562 Emerald
566 sunflower
566 Sunflower
567 jade
567 Jade
570 summer ivy
570 Summer Ivy

Pro-Coat™ Coated Fabric

Pro-Coat fabric for pool and spa covers uses an enhanced coated formula that provides long-lasting durability with UV protection, advanced tensile strength, and exceptional resistance to abrasions, tears, and chemical deterioration.

  • Enhanced Durability: Pro-Coat vinyl-coated fabric pool and spa covers are designed with outer layers coated over a base of tightly woven vinyl that is designed to be tough against abrasion and prevent distortion creating advanced tensile strength that safeguards against tearing and other premature damage.
  • Reliable Pool Protection: Pro-Coat vinyl fabric pool covers protect your pool in more ways than one. Constructed to be strong and pliant, with a higher yarn count per ounce, to produce a strong fabric with low shrinkage — it keeps debris out of the pool and prevents animals and children from accidentally entering the pool.
  • Long-Lasting Material: Wind, sun, rain, or snow, Pro-Coat vinyl fabric is made with the highest-quality materials and advanced formulation with UV, chlorine, and mildew inhibitors making it easy to clean and resistant to discoloration.
  • Cost-Effective: As with any pool cover, our Pro-Coat vinyl fabric pool and spa covers keep heat in and extend the life of pool chemicals resulting in increased energy and cost savings for maintaining your pool or spa.
  • Made to Match: Pro-Coat vinyl-coated pool covers come in seven different colors to coordinate with any pool. Choose from charcoal, gray, tan, brown, navy, and royal blue.

Pro-Coat fabric is offered in seven standard colors.

Please see actual fabric samples when making a color choice; colors may vary.

royal blue
Royal Blue
light blue
Light Blue

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