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Reliable, Professional Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

When you have a vinyl liner pool, maintenance is key to extending its lifespan and keeping it beautiful and functional. With advancements in vinyl liner materials and technology, your swimming pool maintenance will be less extensive and expensive than in the past. However, it’s still important to hire an experienced pool maintenance company in Waukesha, WI to protect your investment during the summer months. At Premier Pools, we offer quality, reliable pool maintenance services. Our services are customizable and flexible, and we can work with any pool, schedule, and budget. Call us today to schedule pool maintenance or request a quote for the cost of pool maintenance services.

Pool Vinyl Liner Replacement in Waukesha, WI

Introduction to Vinyl Liner Replacement

Vinyl liner pools are constructed with a thick sheet of vinyl installed between the pool walls, floors, and water. It is a waterproofing membrane that protects the pool from degradation and wear and tear and ensures all the water stays in the pool. It also protects the pool’s structure, reduces algae growth, and protects the comfort and safety of swimmers. Most vinyl linings will last around 10-15 years, but even with proper care and maintenance, your pool’s vinyl liner will eventually experience wear and tear and need replacement. If you notice any of these signs you need a vinyl liner replacement, call our team for a consultation and estimate:

  • Cracks and rips in the vinyl lining.
  • Fading or staining of the lining colors.
  • Stretching, wrinkling, and warping in the lining.
  • Water leaks.
  • Slipping off the lining outside of the coping track.
  • Rust stains around the return and skimmer flanges.

Importance of Timely Vinyl Liner Replacement

Being aware of the early warning signs of damage to your vinyl liner will ensure you replace it promptly. You will need to decide if it’s ideal to replace the vinyl liner at the first sign of wear and tear or if you want to wait until the liner breaks down completely and the pool can no longer be used. If you wait until this point, you risk costly damage to other parts of the pool caused by the failing liner. When you wait too long to schedule vinyl liner replacement, the liner will no longer act as a waterproofing barrier. More than one hole, or large rips or tears, can significantly compromise the vinyl liner and will increase your risk of:

  •     Wall damage – A leaking vinyl pool liner allows water to enter the area between the liner and the pool’s walls. The chlorinated water causes galvanized steel walls to rust and corrode. When the chlorinated water escapes from the pools’ walls, it causes other components to corrode quickly.
  •     Floor damage – If your vinyl liner has an active leak, water will weaken the concrete floor of your pool. An aggressive leak will make the concrete bottom sandy, weak, and cracked. Over time, the bottom will suffer from enough damage that you will need to replace it before you replace your vinyl pool liner.
  •     Deck damage – Water escaping your vinyl pool liner will also damage the deck surrounding the pool, causing soil erosion, sinking paving stones, and cracked concrete decking.

Pool Maintenance Tips to Extend the Life of a Vinyl Liner

You can extend the lifespan of your vinyl pool liner by keeping up with routine and seasonal swimming pool maintenance. Follow these pool maintenance tips and practices that can help extend the life of your vinyl pool liner:

  • Install wall foam to protect the area between the vinyl liner and the pool wall.
  • Maintain proper pool chemistry at all times.
  • Add pool chemicals individually.
  • Use a winter cover when you close your pool for the season.
  • Consider using an automatic pool cover year-round.
  • Keep all sharp objects away from the pool area.
  • Don’t allow pets into the pool.
  • Maintain the proper water level and monitor it for early warning of leaks or water loss.
  • Brush the liner gently to prevent dirt, debris, and chemicals from accumulating.
  • Prevent chemicals from coming into contact with the liner.
  • Never fully empty the pool.

FAQ About Pool Maintenance and Vinyl Liner Replacement

At Premier Pools, we have a strong commitment to educating clients so that they will need less pool maintenance and their pools will last longer and remain beautiful. Read through these frequently asked questions about pool maintenance and vinyl liner replacement, and call us if you have a question that isn’t addressed here:

Vinyl pools are the most popular type of pool for many reasons. They are cost-effective and have a lower installation cost. They also cost less to maintain. The smooth walls are easy to clean and make it harder for algae to build up. They are not porous and are extremely durable. You have a wide variety of design choices. Vinyl pools can be built deeper and have the option for unique features and design elements. Vinyl pools are typically considered more comfortable than concrete or cement pools. The installation time is much shorter, as well.

Generally, a vinyl pool can be designed, built, and installed much faster than a concrete or cement pool. Vinyl pools can be installed in around 2-4 weeks.

Your vinyl pool liner can last 10-15 years with proper care and pool maintenance. Thicker vinyl pool liners last longer. The more the pool is used, the more wear and tear it will experience. The sunlight exposure, temperature, regularity of pool maintenance, and the chemicals used will also affect its lifespan.

Like cement and concrete pools, vinyl pools need regular and seasonal pool maintenance. This includes cleaning the vinyl surface, testing and adding chemicals, maintaining the water level, repairing leaks and damage, preventing algae and mildew growth, and inspecting and repairing pool filters and pumps.  

Yes, you can paint a vinyl pool liner. You can use epoxy paint, premium acrylic paint, and water-based acrylic paint.

The cost to replace a vinyl pool liner will depend on its size, the company you use, and regional factors. Small rips and tears can typically be repaired for around $350. Severe damage that requires full replacement may cost between $1,000-2,500. The cost will be affected by the size and shape of the pool, its condition, the timing of the installation, where the pool is located, and the company’s rates.

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If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation for pool maintenance in Waukesha, WI, contact us today at Premier Pools. We specialize in comprehensive swimming pool maintenance services, including saltwater pool maintenance and vinyl pool maintenance. We also offer vinyl liner replacement services, luxury pool design and installation, pool opening and closing services, and automatic pool covers (which reduce the need for pool maintenance). Contact us today to request a quote or schedule a consultation.

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