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Standard Pool Installation

Automation comes standard on all of our custom-designed inground pool installations. Many builders use the same or similar panels, but never program them to maximize the benefits. Our technicians are some of the most educated minds in the industry so support is always a phone call away. On a standard pool installation, we use the Pentair Easytouch 4 which features the primary pump circuit and three additional high-voltage circuits. Customers can opt to add additional features and upgrades to their automation panel to maximize the benefits achieved by this technology.

For many years automation was usually only found on commercial and high-end residential pools. Thanks to competition in the marketplace this technology have become affordable and offer a wide range of customization. In the recent past, swimming pool mechanicals have evolved tremendously which makes ownership of an inground pool not only more efficient but also more user-friendly. Want to turn your pool heater on from JFK so it is the perfect temperature when you land in Milwaukee? Care to see the condition of your pool water and make adjustments while on summer vacation halfway across the country? How about turning on that waterslide and pool light from your Android or IOS phone while relaxing on the balcony outside your bedroom? Thanks to Pentair automation this is now a reality at a price that won’t break the bank!

Pool Control in the Palm of Your Hand

Pool and spa automation is made easy with the iAquaLink app.

phone aqualink

Why Choose iAquaLink

Complete pool and spa control with the touch of a finger

  • Highest-Rated Pool Control App – iAquaLink is free for Apple® and Android™ smartphones and tablets
  • Ultimate Convenience – You don’t have to visit the pool pad to turn valves or set up pump speeds. Do it all from the app!
  • Anytime, Anywhere Control – Control up to 32 pool/spa features through the app and a web-connected smart device

Complete Control, Powerful Flexibility

phone pool

Complete Pool Automation

Easily access and manage pool and spa features anytime, anywhere.

  • Pool and spa lights
  • Pool and spa temperatures
  • Water features
  • Pool pumps
  • Pool cleaners
  • Fire features
  • Light dimmers
  • Landscape lighting
  • Much, much more!
woman working out and using app

Use Poolside or On the Go

  • Pool’s Ready When You Are – Turn on the spa on the way home from the gym!
  • Never Leave the Lights On Again – On vacation and forgot to turn off the lights? Do it from the app!
  • Save Time and Money – Remotely optimize settings for energy and cost savings!

Smart Pool Made Easy

With Built-In iAquaLink

Connected products with the convenience of iAquaLink Control.

AquaLink Automation

Enjoy complete system automation and control all aspects of your backyard experience from lights to water features.

Polaris 9650iQ Sport

Connects to home Wi-Fi for access anytime, anywhere. Program, schedule, and troubleshoot pool cleaning 24/7.

Jandy iQPUMP01

Perfect for entry-level automation. Control any Jandy variable-speed pump with your smartphone and iAquaLink app.

laptop, phone and tablet

iAquaLink App logo

Get the iAquaLink App

Download or update the iAquaLink app free from the App Store or Google Play.



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