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Pool Opening & Closings

Premier Pools offers premium opening and closing services at affordable prices. We make pool ownership easy for our customers by performing the most comprehensive swimming pool openings and swimming pool closings in the industry. Our experienced service adviser has been in the industry for over 15 years and has designed a multi-point inspection system so that your pool runs at peak performance during the swimming season. When it’s time to close the pool down for the winter months, you can rest easy knowing that Premier Pools technicians treat every home as if it was ours. A properly winterized pool means no-hassle startups in the Spring. We guarantee it!

If you are a new customer and would like to inquire about our swimming pool services, please contact us or call us at 262-510-2395.

Pool Circuit Breaker Panel in Waukesha, WI

Preparing for Your Pool Opening

(Southeastern Wisconsin Pool Openings)

To ensure our service advisors are able to provide a full-service opening, please make sure the following items are out and tasks are completed.

  • Remove your ladder, handrails, and any deck equipment you would like our service advisors to install from winter storage.
  • Have the storage bag for your winter cover out and accessible. We will clean and fold your cover and prepare it for summer storage. Please note: It is very important that your cover is stored somewhere where rodents cannot access it. They WILL be next in the bag and cause damage. Do NOT drag your bag across the deck, as this will cause friction damage and create holes.
  • Have your baskets, equipment plugs, pool cleaner robot, filter discharge hose, and any other accessories for the pool out and readily available for our service advisors.
  • Please leave any remaining chlorine tables, bags of salt, and balancing chemicals from the previous season accessible so we can begin treating your water right away. Our service advisors WILL test and treat water with low pH and alkalinity increaser to get you started off on the right track. It will be your responsibility to balance your pool water after our departure and for the remainder of the swimming season. Premier Pools will be more than happy to assist you with this process via our support system. You may call or email us with questions anytime- click here for our contact info.
  • Please make sure your outside water, electricity, and gas are on. If they are left off and not accessible, we will not be able to properly complete the pool opening. Please have your gate unlocked or a key accessible for our service advisors. If your pool is equipped with an automatic cover, please make sure it is left out in plain view or in the cover switch box.

Example of interior valve for gas. This is in the open position.

chorine tablets


Your pool opening has just been completed by one of the top service advisors in the industry. Please follow these guidelines to ensure your pool runs at peak performance throughout the season.

  • Run your pool pump continuously until your water is clear and properly balanced. Make sure to empty the basket located in the pump as often as possible.
  • The skimmer basket(s) should be emptied at least once a day until surface debris is minimal.
  • Your swimming pool has been treated with a dose of specially formulated chlorine by our service advisor. Please check your chlorine level on a daily basis to ensure there is at least 3 PPM present until the water is crystal clear. If your pool opened up green, specific custom instructions will be given to you by the service advisor.
  • If your pool is equipped with a sand filter, make sure to monitor your pressure gauge and backwash when there is a change of pressure 5 PSI higher than a clean startup.
pool pals
  • If your pool is equipped with a cartridge filter, please monitor the pressure. Once an increase of 10 psi is reached, your cartridges should be removed and re-cleaned using a degreasing chemical.
  • Solar blankets and pool heaters should remain off until the pool is swimmable. Auto covers can be put over the pool, but we recommend leaving them open as much as possible until your water is clear.
  • Refrain from using your automatic pool cleaner until thorough vacuuming has been performed. We highly recommend choosing this service at the time of your opening so that a good portion of the winter debris has been removed from the pool.
  • Recheck your pool water balance and adjust as needed. Remember your pH should be between 7.2-7.6 Alkalinity should be a minimum of 80 and no higher than 200. Calcium hardness will not be checked by our service advisor and should be tested on a monthly basis.

Please feel free to contact us at any time with questions or concerns regarding your swimming pool opening

pool salt

Pool Closings

(Southeastern Wisconsin Pool Winterization)

Proper winterization of your swimming pool is very important in our Wisconsin climate. If your pool has been improperly winterized, thousands of dollars in damage can occur to your underground plumbing lines. Premier Pools offers pool winterization in many locations across Southeastern Wisconsin such as Waukesha, Milwaukee, Lake Country, and other surrounding areas. Our work is guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Please contact us prior to submitting a pool closing reservation.

To ensure our service advisors can complete your pool closing, please make sure the following items are out and tasks are complete.

  • Please remove all chlorine tablets or sticks from your feeder or baskets. The remaining chlorine can be left to dry and saved for the following year. Please remember chlorine is very corrosive and should be stored in a properly ventilated area away from anything metal. Premier pools Will not be responsible for damage to stainless steel as a result of improper storage.
  • Please make sure your swimming pool is properly balanced and clean. It is important that the same pH and alkalinity levels maintained throughout the summer are sustained over the winter months. Our service advisor will test your water and treat it with the proper chemicals to ensure that your pool water chemistry is within the proper range.
  • If equipped, your pool solar cover should be removed and away from the pool. The solar cover maintenance and storage are the homeowner’s responsibility.
  • Have your pool winterizing plugs and winter cover accessible for our service advisor. If your pool was opened by Premier, your winter plugs will be located in the winter cover storage bag. If your winterizing plugs are not available, a new set will be provided and added to your invoice. If you have selected to have Premier Pools clean and degrease your cartridge filters, please make sure your water is on and a usable garden hose is available.
  • Please remove your pool cleaner(robot) thermometer(if equipped) rope and floats, and any pool toys from the water. Our service advisor will be happy to the group and set these items aside along with your ladder and rails. Please remember to store anything left by our advisor indoors and away from chlorine tablets or sticks.
  • Please note Premier Pools does not remove swimming pool lights or diving boards. Removal of these items IS NOT RECOMMENDED and can cause more harm than good.
  • If you have a poolside or spillover spa, additional charges will apply. If you would like your portable spa winterized, please let us know in advance and we will be happy to perform that service the same day. All water features including but not limited to deck jets, slides, waterfalls, and laminates, will require additional charges and are itemized on our closing form.

For more information on Southeastern Wisconsin pool closings and openings or other swimming pool services, please feel free to contact us anytime.

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