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Liner Replacements and Renovations


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Most replacement liners completed in one day.

Premier Pools, Waukesha, WI

Premier Pools specializes in inground and select above ground liner replacements.  We are southeastern Wisconsin’s prefered installer for Doughboy above ground pool liners!  There are many companies out there to chose from when it comes to replacing your pool liner, and we feel that we stand out from the competition with one of the largest selections of vinyl liners in the area. With over 150 patterns choices, you’ll be sure to find the ideal print to compliment your backyard oasis.

All of our liners are pre selected by our design team and can be seen here in our virtual showroom.

Replacing the liner in your inground pool is a big project and it is very important that the measurements sent to the manufacturer are precise.  Premier Pools uses precision lasers to take many of these measurements to ensure your new vinyl liner has the best possible fit. 

In Wisconsin, there are a limited number of months for quality swim time.  Premier Pools maintains relationships with all our distributors so that in the unlikely event your liner has a warranty issue, we are able to expedite it quickly and  return your swimming pool to usable status.  Please contact us today for a free estimate! or call us 262-510-2395  


Liner replacement process


Replacing the liner in your pool should be left to professionals and the staff at Premier Pools has replaced hundreds of liners during our career’s.  The first step to begin the liner replacement process is to contact your Premier Pools sales associate for a free estimate.

Once you have received your estimate and decided to begin your project, your sales associate will direct you to our liners page within our virtual showroom- Inground liners.

Here you will view an abundance of preselected liners designed to mimic the natural look of a gunite or concrete pool.  A predetermined deposit will be itemized on your estimate and is due at this time.  Once the deposit is made, a technician will visit your home and take the required measurements of your pool.  After you have made your final liner pattern selection, the order will be placed and sent to the factory for fabrication.  (Please expect up to 3 weeks during the busiest times of the year)  Once the liner has been manufactured and shipped, it will be received at one of our distribution locations.  We will contact you and let you know our planned installation date. (Please note: weather can play a large factor in our ability to install a liner) 

The pool must remain full and clear (if it began that way) until the date of installation.  Please maintain your pool water just as you would any other time.  On the day of installation or just prior to, we will drain the water from your swimming pool. (Unfortunately, this water cannot be saved nor should it).

After the water is drained, we will remove the old vinyl liner and begin the replacement process.   If your pool is equipped with thermoplastic or fibreglass steps, an acid wash and bleach solution will be applied to restore them to the best condition possible.  This is a standard for all of our liner replacements.  Other companies either skip this process entirely or charge extra for it. . 

Before acid wash...

Premier Pools, Waukesha, WI

After acid wash...

Premier Pools, Waukesha, WI

Next, the entire surface is rinsed down and spot bleached to kill any mold and algae growth.

In some cases, your existing liner may have mold or algae growth showing through the material.  Your Premier Pools sales representative may advise having a stain barrier added to the walls and floor of the pool prior to installing the liner.  While this will add some expense to your project, it is a great investment to ensure that ground contaminants are unable to penetrate the liner as seen below.

Premier Pools, Waukesha, WI
Premier Pools, Waukesha, WI
Premier Pools, Waukesha, WI
Premier Pools, Waukesha, WI

Next, the wall foam insulation is inspected and assessed for continued use.  In most cases the foam can be salvaged, but does occasionally need to be replaced. 

Now that the liner has been removed and the prep work complete, our crew will do a final cleaning of the vermiculite or grout floor and patch any large divots or imperfections.  Occasionally the pool floor may require a total resurfacing, but typically your sales consultant can identify this in advance and include it in the total cost of the project.

Premier Pools, Waukesha, WI

Once the liner has been properly positioned, a industrial blower is used to remove the air and hold the pool liner in place.

Premier Pools, Waukesha, WI

Now, all the trim plates for the skimmer, returns, drain, and stairs(if equipped) can be reinstalled and the filling process begins!

A water truck is required to “set the liner” and then you can opt to continue to fill the pool with a tanker, or top it off with city or well water.  It is important that you contact the city if you plan on using their water to let them know you will be filling a swimming pool.  Most municipalities have a system in place so you are not charged the sewer fee for the water used.  It is best to contact them before the liner replacement process begins.


TIRED OF WHITE? Colored trim pieces to match your pool liner are standard on ALL liner replacements at no additional charge!!

Swimming pool renovations


When the time comes that your inground pool needs more than just a little sprucing up, contact Premier Pools for a free renovation estimate.  Renovating a swimming pool is a big project, but it does not have to be burden.  Many people often contact us with thoughts of removing the pool because it has reached the point of no return.  Often times the pools structure is perfectly fine, but may need more than just a liner replacement.  Whatever the situation may be, Premier Pools will expedite the project for you and we are confident you will be happy with the results! (Please note we do not remodel gunite pools, but will gladly refer you to a company that is best suited for the project)

Premier Pools, Waukesha, WI